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Kansas Basement and Waterproofing Pros is a specialty firm utilizing the most effective waterproofing and foundation repair methods and materials. Unlike many of our competitors, you are not limited to one method of repair that may or may not solve your problem. We are able to evaluate and recommend the best possible solution for your specific basement waterproofing problem.

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Flooding Has Increased 50% Over a Decade

Source: National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), June 2018

Why Kansas Basement Pros?

With over two decades of experience serving residents of Kansas, KB&WP will fix your basement or crawl space issues once and for all. We offer permanent solutions with a transferable lifetime warranty. We will be there to provide you with service you can rely on.

We are fully licensed and insured.

Exterior Waterproofing Contractor Services KS

Exterior Waterproofing

Damp and wet problems in your basement, or in the foundations of your home, can render a room unusable, damage your property, and ruins the aesthetic value of the affected area. Damp and mold can also cause breathing problems, and are a serious detriment to health if the room is left untreated. 

Many people wait until there is already a problem before they act. We can deal with existing damp and wet problems, but recommend exterior waterproofing to anyone whose property does not currently have it. Exterior waterproofing offers a lifelong solution that will protect your home, and increase the value of the property.

Whether you have a major damp problem that needs to be dealt with, are starting to see the first signs of dampness or mold in your home, or are considering exterior waterproofing as a valuable preventative measure, KB&WP can ensure a top quality job that solves your problems, and makes your home comfortable and inviting.

Exterior Waterproofing - How Does it Work?

When your Kansas property is subject to floods, damp and mold, or if you want to take preventative measures that will ensure the safety of your Kansas home for as long as the building lasts, then exterior waterproofing services are for you.

At Kansas Basement & Waterproofing Pros, we use high quality materials to ensure that the exterior of your property is substantially waterproofed, all the way from grade to footing. We excavate down to the footing, and then install our powerful solution that stops any water from even touching your foundation walls.

Exterior waterproofing takes a lot more work, and is a more expensive solution, but is one that lasts for life, and is the only way to protect the actual structure of the building.

As well as the method of installing waterproof materials on the exterior of your building, other solutions may also be proposed and implemented if appropriate, including outdoor drainage systems, guttering, foundation crack repair, and whatever is needed to make your home dry and safe. These options will be discussed with you.

Basement Crack Repair Contractor KS

Crack Repair & Injection

Polyurethane crack injection (aka poly injection) is an extremely effective and reliable concrete crack repair method, used exclusively for the repair of poured concrete foundation cracks, to fix basement leaks, and to prevent poured concrete foundation cracks from leaking in the future. When done properly by a trained injection technician, a poly crack repair will not fail.

This type of injection is performed from inside your basement, thus avoiding the need for excavating your foundation. The injected poly typically cures within 5 hours and bonds the two sides of the crack together in addition to filling the crack through the entire thickness of the foundation wall (typically 8"), thereby sealing the crack permanently because the crack essentially no longer exists; this is the ultimate crack repair method. There is no drilling involved with low pressure crack injection and odors are not noticeable.

Basement Wall Repair Contractor in Kansas

Wall Stabilization

One of the major signs your home has foundation damage is if your walls are starting to have an inward curve. If you see this, take action immediately to fix the problem before you suffer catastrophic, life-threatening damage. If you have bowed walls, your home may not be safe. 

We are experts in using I-beams and carbon fiber to fix foundation issues. Our trained team here in Kansas know what to look for to ensure the longevity of this type of repair. We are able to ensure that not only is your foundation safe, but also that it won't crack in the future due to improper installation.

Steel I-beams are ideal for bowed wall repair on homes in Kansas. Steel I-beams are specially cut to the height of your basement walls and are securely fastened to the floor and ceiling. These steel beams on the wall provide additional support to your foundation helping the structure to be stable and secure.  This type of bowed wall repair uses the existing structure of your home to prevent any more leaning of the already-effected wall.

New Carbon Fiber Wall Stablization

For walls of considerable load and those where steel beams are not practical, a newer method involves the use of carbon fiber straps instead of i-beams. Carbon fiber is a woven material that has a tensile strength 10 times stronger than steel.

These straps are bonded to the wall with an epoxy to provide a low profile solution that prevents further bowing of the wall.

Carbon Fiber Wall Stabilization in Kansas

Kansas Interior Waterproofing Contractor

Interior Waterproofing

If you have noticed water appearing around the perimeter of the basement where the floor meets the wall, this is typically a problem brought on by hydrostatic pressure. This pressure is created whenever the soil around your home expands due to a heavy rainfall or excess water around your home. The rising water table underneath your home will begin to be pushed by the excess pressure right through the cove joint and into your basement.

The drain tile system is the only way to permanently put an end to the leaks. It will gather any excess water and divert it to a sump pump, new or existing, so that you never again need to worry about finding water leaking into your home.

First, we remove the perimeter of your basement floor and excavate alongside the footer. Next, we install 4" perforated, rigid PVC pipe with clean out ports. Then we fill around the pipe with #6 washed stone. Optionally, we can install a wall liner over basement walls. Lastly, we install drainage fabric and re-cement the floor smoothly and even with the existing floor.


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